Upper East Side / 2008
170 East End Ave, New York, NY 10128
Architect/s: Peter Marino
Developed by Skyline Developers

170 East End Avenue is a modern building designed by Peter Marino for luxurious family living. It is 19 stories and contains 96 apartments. An attended lobby, concierge, a health club and children’s playroom are among the amenities residents have access to. Located across the street from Gracie Mansion and Carl Schurz Park, the residences offer generous proportions and exquisite details. The area has restaurants, cafes, recreational areas, making it a perfect location for families and professionals.

General Information

Floors: 19
Residences: 96
Bedrooms: 1 - 5

This Residential Tower is one of the Finest Condo Buildings of Upper East Side, Prices for Sales start at $3,695,000 and Rentals start at $9,000, contact us for more information.


  • 170-East-End-Avenue-Lobby
  • 170-East-End-Avenue-kitchen
  • 170-East-End-Avenue-Building-
  • 170-East-End-Avenue-Building
  • 170-East-End-Avenue-Bathroom
  • 170-East-End-Ave
  • 170_East_End_Avenue_Girls_Den
  • 170_East_End_Avenue_Condo-Movie_Theatre
  • 170_East_End_Avenue_Condo-Master_Bedroom
  • 170_East_End_Avenue_Condo-Lobby
  • 170_East_End_Avenue_Condo-Living_Room
  • 170_East_End_Avenue_Condo-Library
  • 170_East_End_Avenue_Condo-Kitchen
  • 170_East_End_Avenue_Condo-Gym
  • 170_East_End_Avenue_Condo-Entrance
  • 170_East_End_Avenue_Condo-Den
  • 170_East_End_Avenue_Condo_Play_Area-
  • 170_East_End_Avenue_Condo_Play_Area


Building Features

  • Children’s play area
  • Concierge
  • Theatre room
  • Squash court
  • Golf training Facilities
  • Valet
  • Library
  • Billiards room
  • Exercise room

Residence Features

  • Floor-to-ceiling windows
  • River views
  • Oak floors
  • Kitchens with Swiss quartzite countertops
  • Bathrooms with Italian Perlino Bianco marble


Floor Plans

Unit 01-12 2 Beds / 2.5 Baths Download
Unit 02-11 2 Beds / 2 Baths 1328 SF / 123.3 M2 Download
Unit 03-10 1 Beds / 1 Baths 1010 SF / 92 M2 Download
Unit 04-09 3 Beds / 3.5 Baths Download
Unit 05-08 3 Beds / 3.5 Baths 1749 SF / 162.4 M2 Download
Unit 06-07 3 Beds / 3.5 Baths 2220 SF / 206.2 M2 Download
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